Windows 10 KIOSK Management

We invite you to participate in the “Windows 10 KIOSK Management” webinar on May 20.


Windows 10 can be managed directly from the cloud or in conjunction with Configuration Manager. In this seminar, we’ll take a closer look at how to install and configure Windows 10 KIOSK devices through Microsoft’s cloud services. Let’s look at the whole process from start to finish.


  • Azure Active Directory
    • Dynamic Groups
  • Windows Autopilot
    • Introduction to Windows Autopilot
    • First steps
    • New devices
  • Microsoft Intune
    • New Microsoft Edge deployment and configuration
    • Administrative Templates
    • Edge startup parameters
    • KIOSK profiles and settings
      • Applications
    • Security Settings
      • BitLocker
    • Remote Management
      • Teamviewer


Kaido Järvemets, Microsoft MVP: Enterprise Mobility, LakeForest Consulting

Location and date

Date: Wednesday, 20. May 2020, time 10.00 – 12.00
Location: Microsoft Teams.
Contact: Kaido Järvemets, info[at]
Price: Free