Smart and Secure Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Bootcamp – 4 weeks (Registration full)

We invite you to participate in the “Smart and Secure Microsoft Hybrid Cloud” bootcamp


Microsoft is a company that has been investing large amounts of resources into the security sector lately. How can you leverage these security solutions to improve security and management in your environment?

Starting from your on-premises environment or your cloud resources, you could leverage the same solutions Microsoft is so heavily vested in on your own or you could also learn how to get the most out of these solutions while increasing the overall security of your enterprise by attending the Smart and Secure Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Bootcamp.

During our four-week Smart and Secure Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Bootcamp, we will look at the many different security and management solutions that you can implement internally or externally. We start with an Azure security and management services overview, work our way through Log Analytics, dive into Azure Security Center and Defender and then into Azure Sentinel! Presentations take place every Saturday and will provide you with an extremely comprehensive understanding of the latest Microsoft Security solutions!!

During the Bootcamp, we also use a separate Discord server to communicate and get to know each other. Bootcamp is free for everyone.

Each presentation will be 2 hours and 30 minutes.

PS! Registration closed!


  • 22.05.2021
  • 29.05.2021
  • 05.06.2021
  • 12.06.2021

Agenda and Schedule

22.05.2021 Meetup

Module 1 – Introduction to Bootcamp
  • Azure security and management services overview
  • What are we going to build
  • Requirements
Module 2 – Azure Log Analytics
  • Introduction to Log Analytics
    • High-level overview
    • Data collection and retention
      • Perf
      • Windows logs
      • Syslog
      • Custom data sources
    • Agent deployment methods and requirements
      • Manually
      • PowerShell
      • Desired State Configuration
    • How to deploy and configure Azure Log Analytics Workspace
Module 3 – Azure Automation services
  • Introduction to Azure Automation services
    • Runbooks
    • Change Tracking and Inventory
    • Desired State Configuration
    • Azure Update Management
  • How to deploy and configure Azure Automation Account
  • How to automate activities in your datacenters
    • What is a Hybrid worker, and how to configure
  • Patching on-premises services using Azure Update Management

29.05.2021 Meetup

Module 4 – Azure Security Center and Azure Defender
  • Introduction to Azure Security Center and Azure Defender
  • How to enable and configure Azure Security Center
Module 5 – Defender for Endpoints
  • Introduction to Defender for Endpoints
    • Agent on-boarding
  • Incident Management tools
    • Timeline
    • Live Response
    • Isolation
    • App Restrictions
    • Run antivirus scan
    • Log Collection
    • Timeline
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
    • Exposure level
    • Device configuration
  • Threat Analytics
  • Advanced hunting
Module 6 – Defender for Identity
  • Introduction to Defender for Identity
    • Service requirements
    • Workspace creation
    • Sensor installations
      • Service accounts
      • Requirements

05.06.2021 Meetup

Module 7 – Azure Sentinel
  • Introduction to Azure Sentinel
    • Hunting
    • Workbooks
    • Analytics rules
    • Automation Rules
    • Data connectors
  • How to enable data connectors
  • Azure Sentinel Automation Rules
  • Introduction to Logic Apps
    • How to create Logic Apps for Sentinel
      • Triggers
      • Actions
      • Teams Adaptive Cards

12.06.2021 Meetup

Module 8 – Protecting the keys to the kingdom
  • Azure Administrative Model
    • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
    • Azure AD FIDO2 keys
    • Azure AD Conditional Access
    • Azure AD Temporary Access Pass
  • Azure Sentinel query auditing
  • Resource Locks
  • Data retention


Kaido Järvemets, Microsoft MVP: Enterprise Mobility, Azure Security Engineer, Security+, CRTP, LakeForest Consulting

Live sessions: Microsoft Teams
Price: Free
Date and time : 12.00 PM Eastern Time

All seats reserved.